Friday, June 19, 2009

SunTec Road Show

Hi Guys this is what u missed out on the roadshow last wk~~

Wednesday, June 10, 2009


Hi Everyone~!
We'll be going to SunTec City Mall for a bike road show!!! e'll be very near to Mah Motors, Yew Heng Group! We'll be situated just outside Carrefour Lvl 1, where the open area is.
We'll be promoting our new product! Reflective Decals!!!!

Here's a preview of what'll be there!
'Without Flash
With Flash

We'll be showcasing our brand new reflective decals on SYM Excel II Bike, sponsored by Yew Heng Group, New reflective rim lining designs, Illum number plate, PSP Skins, Laptop Skin, CB400 Fork wrap and many more!!!
There'll be promotion prices on stickers, rim linings, reflective rim linings designs, PSP Skins, laptop Skin, CB400 Fork wrap, and many more!!!